No More Dry Scalp

dundruff-issueIf you have a dry scalp you can use apple cider vinegar for dandruff and to get rid of it for good. It doesn’t not cause your hair to dry out or become oily. As the name sounds, it is a type of vinegar that can be made from both cider and apple. They are found to be capable of curing everything from flu to fighting against diabetes and heart problems. Even though many of its health benefits are not proven yet, experts believe adding this to your daily routine may bring your health benefits.

However, it is assumed to be effective in getting rid of dandruff because the enzymes present in vinegar are so powerful that they are capable of killing both bacterial and fungal infections.

The main reason that is believed to be the cause of dandruff is excessive production of yeast on scalp. It is the presence of bacteria on the surface of scalp that leads to dead skin cells which in turn causes flaking and itchiness. So the use of Apple cider vinegar on an optimum amount can prevent the formation of dandruff at a rapid pace without leaving any side effects.

In case of intense dandruff problems, it is better to mix one part of vinegar along with very little water. In fact, it is fine to use vinegar alone without water. But the problem with this is the bad smell of vinegar, so it is better to add in some quantity of water if you want to avoid carrying an acid odor on your hair.

Rice Cookers

The Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a fairly basic steamer. It’s uncomplicated and easy to use: simply add rice and water, press the button for white or brown rice, and leave the machine to do its work. You could set cooking times yourself, but most users find that the presets work well. As the unit’s heat comes from the bottom, it does no harm to stir the rice occasionally to ensure even cooking, but that’s about your only involvement. You can also use the Aroma to steam other food items; there is a separate button for this. The manufacturer says it’s great for soups, chili, and jambalaya. One customer even poached fruit in wine. A few owners complained that the Aroma lid doesn’t seal very well and that hot liquid spits out occasionally, but many other users rated this machine highly, so it’s possible that the faulty lid was part of a particular batch.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity

Like the Aroma, the Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker is a combination rice cooker/steamer. Its range of preset functions is similar to that of the Aroma, giving you what the manufacturer calls “one-touch cooking.” Also like the Aroma, the Hamilton Beach features a separate tray so you can simultaneously steam vegetables and cook rice.