Cleaning Up After Your Pets

vacuum cleaner 4Let’s face it we all love our pets. But one of the biggest hassles that face us day to day is the cleaning up of their hair. Whether it is on the floor, stairs, or on furniture, it feels like a never ending battle. Hence why we created this page is dedicated to helping you find the best vacuum for pet hair. We try to keep our list up to date and have already put up our 2016 choices. As an owner of two long haired cats and a dog, I am faced with numerous embarrassing situations like unexpected company showing up, or missing a spot that someone notices. It feels like I have to keep my house clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just in case.

Designed especially with the power and strength needed to pick up what your furry friends leave behind, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series is a must needed vacuum for keeping a house with a pet without all of the signs. So, if you have a pet that endlessly sheds, you need the power of a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum to keep your home clean from hair, dirt, dust, allergens and pet odor. The Hoover WindTunnel can do it all with its patented WindTunnel technology and ultra-strength of a powerful 12-amp motor.

The Hoover T-Series Pet uses its patented WindTunnel technology that channels air from the vacuum nozzle to the capture reservoir without losing suction, thus cleaning your carpets and floors immaculately without blowing the debris back onto your floors. The WindTunnel technology gives your Hoover the power to pick up all the dirt and debris along with the pet hair left on your floors and carpets.

The Dyson DC41 animal bag less vacuum cleaner can make your life easier if you have a pet in your home. Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally found a Dyson product (and vacuum in general) that I feel confident slapping the cherished “Perfect” label on.  The DC41 is quite possibly the best vacuum cleaner out there, you just have to get over the price point. On the DC41, the canister is much longer and slenderer, meaning that it will fit in pretty much any garbage can with ease – also the release mechanism works better on the DC41, and I have never had the problem of stuff spilling out when emptying it.


  • The DC41 sucks hard – and with a vacuum, that’s a good thing
  • The dust canister is perfectly sized
  • The HEPA filters are easy to clean


  • The head is too big to fit under low furniture
  • No automatically retracting cord
  • Hard to justify dropping the cash for some people
  • You can grab a Dyson DC41 from Amazon for $519.00